Getting your ex-partner’s name tattooed on your arm seemed like a romantic idea ten years ago, but now that the relationship has dissolved, you wish your tattoo could too. Laser tattoo removal is currently one of the most sought after skin care treatments for a variety of reasons. Whether your relationship has broken down, you’ve changed jobs, or you simply regret getting that tattoo in the first place, there is a laser that can help you remove your unwanted ink safely and effectively: the PicoWay laser.

The PicoWay and the PicoSure lasers both use picosecond technology to remove tattoos.  A picosecond is one trillionth of a second, so these lasers are named for how they deliver constant bursts of energy that only last for a picosecond. However, although similar in name, the PicoWay laser has several key advantages over the PicoSure laser.


PicoWay is the only laser that has three wavelengths in one laser system. These three wavelengths­­­ ­­− 532nm, 1064nm and the new 785nm – are able to treat the widest range of tattoo colours and types. The 532nm wavelength can remove red, yellow, and orange pigments, while the 1064nm can remove black, brown, green, blue, and purple. The 785nm wavelength further enhances the already strong capabilities of the PicoWay system for treatment of blue and green tattoos.  Because these wavelengths are in the same laser, multiple colours can be treated simultaneously. This is not possible with the PicoSure’s single 755nm wavelength. Dual wavelengths also allow maximum absorption into the targeted pigment and minimum absorption into the surrounding skin. This results in a safer tattoo removal with minimal adverse effects to the skin. Furthermore, multiple wavelengths are more effective at removing pigment from any skin type, whereas PicoSure’s single wavelength has difficulty targeting pigment on darker skin tones.

Pulse Duration

Another advantage the PicoWay laser has over the PicoSure is its shorter pulse duration. Shorter pulses allow the laser to shatter the pigment of the tattoo into smaller molecules that the body can easily break down and eliminate. PicoWay’s ultrashort pulses also mean that it produces a photoacoustic effect rather than the PicoSure’s predominantly thermal effect. Photoacoustic energy is a light energy that penetrates the skin and gently vibrates and fractures the targeted ink. This means better clearance, fewer required treatments, and a lower risk of skin damage caused by thermal heat.


The PicoWay laser also outshines the PicoSure laser with its superior peak power. While the PicoSure only peaks at 0.36GW, the PicoWay has a peak power of 0.9GW. This is important because more power ultimately means more effective removal of a tattoo. The more powerful the laser, the better it is at blasting the pigment into particles that the body can absorb.  Not only does PicoWay’s powerful pigment removal mean fewer treatments, it also means that the treatments can be administered closer together, thereby minimalizing the overall time and total cost required to achieve results.

With all of its advantages, it’s easy to see why the PicoWay laser has replaced the PicoSure as the most effective tattoo removal system on the market. As Ottawa’s only carrier of the PicoWay technology, Advanced Laser Clinic can help ensure your tattoo fades away along with any unwanted memories.

Three wavelengths to treat all colours and skin typesSingle wavelength – has trouble targeting red and darker skin
Pulse duration 450ps/375ps/300ps
True photoacoustic effect
Pulse duration 750ps
Little photoacoustic – mostly photothermal
Peak Power – 0.9GW:
More power = more effective clearance of tattoo
PeakPower – 0.36GW

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