Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular not just for women, but for men as well. Many men are looking for a permanent solution for unwanted hair on large areas of the body such as their backs and chests. There is also a growing population of men who are seeking treatment for their faces. They are tired of shaving the same spots every morning and feel they are wasting their time doing so. Men can use laser hair removal to eradicate razor burn, to eliminate the hassle of shaving, and to sculpt their beards in a desired style.

Eliminating Razor Burn

The skin on your face and neck is extremely sensitive. When you pass a razor over it every morning, you increase the chance of developing “Pseudofolliculitis (PFB)”, or razor burn. Razor burn occurs when hair grows under the skin’s surface and the hair follicles become inflamed. This happens predominately on the neck. As a result, itchy and sometimes painful bumps form on the skin. For men who are seeking an alternative form of hair removal that doesn’t cause constant irritation or involve an uncomfortable regrowth stage, laser hair removal may be the answer. It works by targeting the dark pigment of the hair and sending an intense beam of light which eliminates it. The result is smoother skin without the risk of razor burn.

Total Beard Removal

While some men choose to get laser hair removal solely on their necks, others opt for treating their entire beards. Receiving the treatment on their faces allows them to eliminate shaving altogether and saves them countless hours in front of the mirror. Beard hair removal is ideal for men who dislike the look of stubble and the dreaded five o’clock shadow. The treatment will not only remove the hair above the skin, but below the skin as well. There will no longer be any dark hairs beneath the skin’s surface to cause a five o’clock shadow. Removing the entire beard also eliminates the chance of any nicks or cuts that can occur while shaving. With laser hair removal, you can get smooth skin without worrying about rapid hair regrowth or dressing any wounds after shaving.

Beard Shaping / Beard Reduction

Not every man who seeks out laser beard treatments wants a total unshaven look, some simply want a reduction to make their shave easier. Others simply want their beards to be neatly shaped; they like their facial hair to grow in specific areas and to be removed from others. Laser beard sculpting can help them achieve this look. Beard shaping can include the removal of hair from the neck alone, or the creation of defined lines on the upper parts of the beard. For example, some men receive the treatment so that they can always have their beards in a style they prefer, such as a goatee. They eliminate the need to carefully shave around certain areas of their faces every day. Sculpting the beard with laser hair removal ensures a neater beard line and a more polished look.

If you or somebody close to you hates the hassle of shaving every morning and is looking for a better option, laser treatment may be the solution. The procedure will greatly reduce the thickness and coarseness of your beard hair and can permanently remove all unwanted growth on your cheeks, temples, and neck. You will no longer have to deal with razor burn, and you can maintain a neatly shaped beard without all of the work. Book your free consultation at Advanced Laser Clinic and start saving time in your daily routine!

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